You may not know this, but I’m fourteen. I spend my days going to school, coming home, and doing homework. I barely have time in my day to take a wiz. And I usually chug a pint of lemonade before I start working in the afternoons. Imagine that.

Running a blog isn’t cheap. I have to pay for the domain, for the ads, for my noise cancelling headphones that I wear to block out my argumentative family…I pay for it all. Every last bit. Well, except the part my dad pays for. Thanks, dad.

When I’m not slaving away chasing graduation from middle school, I write humor. For you guys. And I feel pretty confident when I say that most of the people who land on this site have at least a couple dollars to spare. So if you like my writing, or you’re super rich and want to get rid of a bit of money for tax purposes, do me a favor, and send me a buck or two. It would mean the world.